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BLACK MVRKET began as VapEvo in July 2014, a start-up e-cigarette distribution company based in Los Angeles. Working with some of the biggest brands in the industry, we created a company built on the foundations of loyalty, customer service and quality products.After re-launching the brand in February 2016 with the name BLACK MVRKET, the company has grown into a global manufacturing and marketing company that distributes e-cigarette products in more than 20 countries.

By utilizing unique combinations of extracts, we manufacture  and distribute some of the best tasting e-liquid in the world.  We’re in the business of creating unique products that people fall in love with. Through our creative ideas across all media and all other outlets, we set out to create fun and memorable experiences with our juices from beginning to end.

 We stay away from what everyone else is doing and create our own path. We stay true to ourselves and what we believe in, not compromising quality in our products or service. We stay low key, but wait and see… FREE99 is a state of mind





Milkshake Liquids has the most delectable milkshake flavors on the market! Each individual flavor is carefully mixed alongside a creamy vanilla bean flavor to create the most delicious juices that truly emulate each flavor profile.

FRESH Vapor 

Fresh Vapor is dedicated to creating the most crisp, clean juices in the game. Each bottle is packed with amazing flavors making sure each vape is a fresh experience! So fresh you forgot it came out of a bottle! Damn, that’s fresh!

Cake Monster 

Known for their delicious sweet flavors, Cake Monster has created the most decadent cake e-juices sure to satisfy your sweet tooth! Each flavor has been carefully crafted to create a balanced experience of rich and creamy out of every vape! Watch your back, The Monsters are out to get you!


Jelly Liquids combines two distinct sweet and savory flavors atop a crunchy toast. Each individual flavor of jelly is perfectly mixed to capture the most delicious tones of fruit jelly, incorporated with the savory taste of butter, giving you a reason to be simply jelly. 


Black Mvrket LA
2370 Peck Road,
City of Industry, CA 90601
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