MYLE Vapor Summary and Review

The Myle Pod System By MYLE Vapor
Designed In Italy
On First Look the Myle is a very high quality pod system .This Device Accepts prefilled pods in 4 packs (0.9ml equivelent to 240puffs or 1 pack of cigarettes). This device has anti leak technology ,which is Anti LEAK unlike other pod systems claiming that .A Blue light flashes upon inhale and on exhale the 3 bars light up with battery indicator levels .This Device utilizes Nicotine Salts ELiquids in 5% strength which equals out to 50mg nicotine.Nicotine Salts is a different form of nicotine which allows the body to absorb nicotine to their blood stream instantly and more efficiently , which in turn is way smoother than freebase nicotine in its higher doses. This Device is 240 mah with an extended battery feature ,Charging for this device is no longer than 45 mins when fully dead .In comparison with there competition ,Myle most definately puts the Juul in its grave and definately has more pros and less issues than the Bo One. what stands out to us about the Myle is its consistency.Each time you inhale the myle it provides you with a smooth delivery and amazing flavor each time .If you are in need of a reliable basic device to quit smoking or just a device that is small and convenient for on the go look no further, Myle is the lifestyle for you !
Take A QTip with Alcohol on the interior of the connection where the Cartridge Sits
MYLE Pods Manufactured By Salt Nic
Starting off with Mighty Mint , This Flavor is described as a fresh cool mint ! and that it is !.On inhale you get a blast of cool mint and on the exhale menthol lingers on your tongue for the perfect menthol flavor .whether your a menthol lover or someone who needs a refreshing palate cleanse . Mighty Mint is definately a must try !
Tropical Mango is Described as a Sweet Ripe Mango .On Inhale notes of Ripe Mango(taste like the skin on a mango) hit your pallette and on exhale recieve notes of sweet candied mango and hints of tangy spice
Last but not least cubano by VGOD . Cubano is described on the myle pods as a rich creamy tobacco and in the bottle described as a rich creamy cigar drizzled with vanilla cream .on every inhale all flavors blend together perfectly ,to me this flavor is a perfect mixture of rich bold very high quality tobacco with notes of savory vanilla and light whipped cream , a drop of chocolate will also hit your taste buds .This without a question in my mind is the absolute highest quality tobacco flavor on the market. i cant say enough good things about it .Sweet creamy and bold .
These Flavors are super clean and smooth with the perfect throat hit . i recommend these flavors to anyone and everyone .the flavors for the myle will provide you with a very hassle free tasty experience .
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