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SaltNic e-liquids are specially formulated for optimal flavor, substantial throat hit, and optimal wicking in low wattage devices. After months of meticulously testing dozens of pod systems, we decided to use two nicotine strengths, 25mg and 50mg (see the device suggesting page for more info). We hope that you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy creating them, and we want to hear your feedback!





SaltNic Ejuices – How beneficial are these for you

Not every vaper prefers to get nicotine in their system and opt for e juices without any percentage of nicotine. However, the veteran vapers, those who really like to experience the best in the world of vaping, purchase online e liquid with nicotine content in it. A drag from their nicotine e juice gives them the right kind of throat hit. If you are one of them, you need to find the right nicotine level that would give you that outstanding vaping experience. Nowadays, the top notch manufacturers offer e juices with different kinds of nicotine in them. The typical manufacturers depend on the freebase nicotine for creating their e juices. However, with the growing popularity of e cigarettes, the last few years have witnessed the nicotine salts to carve out a new niche in the vaping industry. So, let’s find out what could be the potential benefit of this nicotine salt that has led to such a spike in popularity. Saltnic e juices are created by the leading nicotine liquid manufacturers by taking the natural (organic) nicotine from the tobacco leaves and processing the same through several phases. It is not freebase nicotine, which is manufactured by removing the protons from the nicotine. For doing this, an ammonia or similar base is taken and added to the nicotine to strip away all the existing protons. The ammonia also separates the salts from the nicotine and creates a freebase form, which is then inserted into the e juice product. Unlike a freebase form, regular nicotine salts are more stable form and are naturally found in tobacco leaves. As per researches and studies conducted, e juices having nicotine salts incorporated within it, prove to have certain potential benefits.SaltNic or nicotine salts provide a better nicotine blood absorption to the vapers, as a result, they receive the nicotine fix more rapidly when they use a saltnic vape juice. With natural nicotine content, the body can easily absorb them at the instant and let them sustain a longer nicotine fix. A typical freebase nicotine takes time to get absorbed in the body and thus a certain amount of nicotine gets built up, compelling you to vape more. You would be taking more time to get the vaping satisfaction with freebase nicotine. On the other hand, SaltNic e juices are smoother and give you an INSTANT higher throat hit and nicotine rush.This overcomes a common problem faced by hardcore smokers who have recently switched to vaping. With normal e juice, they do not feel the effect of nicotine while vaping and this compels them to go back to smoking. With saltnic e juice, there is minimal chance of a vaper to go back to tobacco smoking, as the effect would be similar. They would also experience the same strong throat hit that might get them with a regular cigarette.

With SaltNic e juice, the frequency of vaping also decreases. With fewer number of vaping, you would find the similar nicotine fix all through the day, which is another perceived benefit of using nicotine salt e juice.

Which vaping devices go best with SaltNic?

Instead of using sub-ohm devices, we recommend vapers to use low wattage pod devices with nicotine salt e juices. As these e juices contain nicotine in high level, a low wattage device would deliver the right nicotine buzz to you.


VGOD has partnered with SaltNic to introduce the VGOD juices you know and love, now with salt based nicotine. Enjoy these SaltNic VGOD eliquids in your favorite low watt POD system

At SaltNic, we are committed to formulating the highest quality nicotine salt e-liquid. Our nicotine salts are formulated for use in low wattage mouth to lung devices. When formulating flavors, we use most popular vape pod systems such as the Juul, MyJet, and Suorin Air to ensure our e-liquids have the proper VG/PG ratio and nicotine concentration to ensure maximum flavor, proper wicking, a satisfactory throat hit.

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