Meet The Real Vapor Crew 

Ryan - Manager/Social Media

Meet Ryan , Find him at the Main Office Full time.Director of Social Media And Purchasing and An Avid Vape Enthusiast . User of All Systems ,from Pod Systems to High Wattage Systems and Cbd .This Vaper of 6 Years has tried every product there is to try and is brutally honest about his experiences with these products .Ryan is super serious about the Quit Smoking community and will do anything to raise awareness about how deadly combustible tobacco is 


Nicole - The Women in front of the Lens 

Nicole is a one of a kind photographer and lover of photo shoots. She enjoys representing the products we know and love best  on social media. Find her on our instagram !



Derrick - Photographer / Full time Employee

Former Smoker of 10 Years. The man in front of the camera with the artsy shots has definately tried many devices and systems and has been in this industry for quite awhile .Vape Enthusiast and Advocate of All Hemp Products .He can guide you in the right direction with his unique pallete to rich creamy flavors and low wattage high nicotine systems.You may know him from moriches or you might know him from ronkonkoma .You can find him at both locations !

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